Do you think are paying too much tax?

Can you benefit from any tax savings scheme introduced in the fiscal year?

What can you do to legally pay less tax?

Do you want a review of your tax affairs at no extra costs?

Did you know that tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is not!

At Ambro Consulting, we will make sure you are paying the correct level of tax based on your earnings. We aim to save you and your business, every possible penny.


We offer tax advice on most cases including:

  • Self assessment
  • Corporation tax returns
  • CIS contractors’ monthly returns in accordance with the Construction Industry Scheme
  • VAT Returns (monthly, quarterly and annual)
  • Flat rate VAT scheme


As an individual, one must notify HMRC of any income one receives which is not covered by PAYE through the Self-Assessment process. To avoid automatic fines and penalties, one must make sure the deadline for submitting the self-assessment is respected.

Ambro Consulting can assist you in submitting your return on online and we also offer advice and guidance on how to run your business more efficiently.

We assist self-employed, company directors prepare and submit their personal tax return to HMRC on time.

Our self-assessment services include:

  • Self employed
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • Contractors
  • Directors


From a business perspective, there is a variety of taxes. Some of these are direct and others indirect. Tax governance is a rising priority as legislation gets more complex. Ambro Consulting works with clients to help get the complexity out of their day-to-day activities. We ensure that our clients are compliant, that responsibilities are met, planning opportunities are realised.

At Ambro Consulting,

  • We offer a one to one consultation to discuss your tax affairs in order to gain a better understanding and offer an appropriate tax planning.
  • We aim to claim for our clients all available reliefs and allowances.
  • We help UK ltd companies to prepare their CT returns
  • We file tax returns on our clients’ behalf and manage all correspondence from HMRC.
  • We compute financial statements and advise our clients on the company’s CT liability.
  • We ensure that our clients’ CT return is filed on time to avoid unnecessary penalties.


Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax which is charged on most goods and services by VAT registered businesses. Most of this can be reclaimed when purchasing goods and services.

Ambro Consulting can assist you in registering your business for VAT and submit your returns on your behalf. We will work with you so that you are fully aware of the deadlines.

We use our in-depth technical tax knowledge and our broader understanding of how tax fits into the wider business picture, to help clients to meet their compliance responsibilities and to act on planning opportunities. Whether a business or an individual, Ambro Consulting will help you achieve your objectives.

We assist our clients in VAT related matters from registration to de-registration, prepare and submit VAT returns on your behalf.


  • Standard VAT scheme
  • Cash accounting VAT scheme
  • Annual accounting VAT scheme
  • Retail VAT scheme
  • Flat rate VAT scheme